Types Of Camera Lenses And Their Uses

types of camera lenses and their uses

We all know that a good camera lens is very critical for the capture of awesomely detailed, beautiful and sharp pictures.

And thanks to technology there are several interesting lenses in the market to suit your various budget and subjects.

It’s important to know the types of camera lenses and their uses so that you can make an informed decision to buy one.

In case you didn’t know, I’ll like to tell you that there are several things that determine the uniqueness and quality of your photography career.

But the most important one is the lens you use.

A great camera lens will help you obtain sharp pictures with a lot of contrast and detail. Meanwhile, a bad one will leave your photos looking blurry, dull, and ugly.

When you go shopping for good lenses that will meet your needs, it is crucial to take note of the type of subjects you plan to photograph, the amount of light on the scene, and how much you have to spend.

One single lens can never be perfect or ideal for every scenario or subject. You will need to observe the subject and the scene before you use a particular lens.

Types Of Camera Lenses And Their Uses

There are several types of camera lenses out there in the market specially designed to be used for a broad range of scenarios.

Telephoto Lensestypes of camera lenses and their uses

The telephoto lens possesses a long focal length and offers an excellent level of magnification, which lets you capture your target from a far distance.

They appear heavier and bigger than the other types lens, but technology has these days redesigned them to be smaller and much more portable than it was before, thereby making it far easier to handle.

Telephoto lenses are perfect shots that require you to stay far from your subject, for instances when taking shots sports events, when taking pictures of wildlife, etc.

They are also popularly utilized in portrait photography, where a moderate telephoto lens will present an undistorted and natural perspective.

Standard Lensestypes of camera lenses and their uses

The standard lens is a lens with mid-range focal length, usually around 50mm.

The standard lens has an angle of view that is almost similar to the angle the human eye can effortlessly see, and this insinuates that it produces great Images that appear very natural to the eyes of the viewer.

These awesome lenses normally have a full aperture and focal length which grants them beautiful performance in low light areas.

The standard lens is used for a broad range of subjects like candid shots, landscapes, and portraits. 

Macro Lensestypes of camera lenses and their uses

A macro lens possesses a high level of magnification, which is capable of picking out the tiniest subjects and making them bigger than what we can see with our own eyes.

It is with a macro lens that the details and texture of a fly’s face or a flower’s pollen spores can be seen.

Of course, this great lens has enhanced the human comprehension of the world around us in incredible ways. 

Wide-Angle Camera Lens

types of camera lenses and their usesThe term “Wide angle” refers to camera lenses with focal lengths of 17mm and 40mm.

It offers its user a broader view of the environment before him which allows it’s users to capture a full portion of the scene in a single shot and makes them perfect for taking pictures of cramped interiors, landscapes, and subjects that seem not to fit into a standard lens’s view.

The Fisheye Lenses are known to have extremely wide angle lenses and can capture around one hundred and eighty degrees and are known for taking photos of action sports like surfing, skateboarding, etc.

 Prime Lenses

types of camera lenses and their usesThe prime lens does not have a zoom or magnifying feature – it has just one focal length.

The prime lens is manufactured precisely to offer only one length and doesn’t have the moving mechanism and pieces required to zoom in or out.

And due to the relative simplicity of their design, they seem to possess larger apertures ( which is the size of the opening on the lens), and therefore are much more useful for low light and indoor subjects.

If clear and crisp pictures are most crucial to you than convenience, these are the lenses you need. 

Kit Lenses

A lot of entry level DSLRS come packaged with one or two lenses, popularly called or known as kit or starter lenses.

These are perfect for beginners, but they are very slow, cheap and produce images with not so good quality.

The kit lens is ideal for getting started with your camera and figuring out what focal lengths you prefer using, but you should consider upgrading it when your budget allows. 

Zoom Lenses

types of camera lenses and their usesMost camera lenses will have an adjustable focal length spot where you can turn or slide it so to zoom out or in.

This is preferred by most hobbyist and travelers as one or two lenses will grant you a whole range, and you do not need to carry huge bags that contain your wide and ultra wide or telephoto and normal lenses around.

One can even find superzooms like an 18-200mm, which will cover the entire range.

But we all know that the jack-of-all-trades is master of none, and these lenses might not deliver such perfection as the prime lens can – though many are magnificent, and are getting better with the help of technology.

Final Words

I’m sure this post enlightened you on the various types of camera lenses and their uses, thereby helping you select the perfect lens you will require for your photography.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional photographer, I’m sure you have learned something from this article.

Thanks for reading….

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