How To Become A Wildlife Photographer In India

how to become a wildlife photographer in India

Want to know how to become a wildlife photographer in India?

Or are you looking to go into wildlife photography as a profession, career, hobby or as a result of a visit to India and it’s gorgeous Wildlife?

In this article, we will be exploring some key points and facts that you should take note of to maximize the opportunity of Wildlife Photography In India.

What is Wildlife photography?

Wildlife photography is mostly defined as the type of photography that is focused on taking awesome pictures of Wild and non-domesticated animals.

Working as a photographer of wildlife requires a little or no formal education.

You must learn about the job requirements and the necessary knowledge and expertise required to see if wildlife photography is the career you should choose.

Going to college to attain a degree in photography or studying courses on photography may be an asset to you but becoming a Wildlife photographer does not require it.

A lot of photographers work on a freelance basis being self-employed. So the success of their job comes as result of the sales and delivery of great images. 

Who is a Wildlife Photographer?

A Wildlife Photographer is a person that spends a reasonable amount of time and energy taking beautiful shots of non-domestic animals as well as Wildlife.

Wildlife photography is vital not just for its artistic value but for the scientific value also. Your target subjects are wild animals in their natural habitats.

For instance, taking pictures of a lioness chasing a zebra will make a great photo or a crocodile coming out of the lake to get some sun before going back into the lake or a monkey grooming its fellow monkey.

Wildlife photography of animals in action has the potential for some breathtaking pictures.

Wildlife photography of animals in action have the potential for some breathtaking pictures.

Some Wildlife photographers will take pictures of wild animals in their natural habitat.

Many are just opportunists who only take pictures of animals that happen to cross their paths, while others are very specific and only want to take pictures of a particular type or species of animals.

How To Become A Wildlife Photographer In India

The career of Wildlife Photography often requires serious traveling as the photographer has to be where, what he or she is looking to capture, resides.

Where they go is usually decided by the particular subject or subjects they wish to take its picture.

If the intended subjects are elephants or tigers, then India will be a great destination as India is choked up with magnificent wildlife like the tigers, elephants, lions, etc.

how to become a wildlife photographer in India

The Famous Bengal Tiger in India

Wildlife Photographers offer publications with rare and beautiful images of wild animals in their habitats and plants from across the world, though some photographers self-publish these pictures as independent artists.

To further comprehend photographic methods and techniques, they must also understand their great subjects which are the wild animals.

As a result of wildlife photographers working on a freelance basis, there are no strict educational standards in this field since the customers or clients per say buy rights to the pictures themselves.

However, the following will be very helpful:

The Earnings of a Wildlife Photographer in India

In the beginning, you should do much of independent work as you can after which you can share your job with magazines, newspapers, wildlife NGOs, or you could enroll in photography contests or host exhibitions.

The goal is to get your work noticed and liked.

You can as well use your pictures to design calendars and cards. Earnings at this rate are around Rs 6,000 to Rs 11,000 a month.

This depends on your creativity level as well as ingenuity. Professional Wildlife Photographers have reported earning Rs 40000 to Rs 6 Lakh monthly.

Read this post to know about types of lenses required for wildlife photography.

Some Skills You Must Possess

Pros of Wildlife Photography

Cons of Wildlife Photography

There you have it. I hope you have gotten enough information on wildlife photography and how to become a Wildlife Photographer in India.

Based on my research, a career in Wildlife Photography is the best career to be selected if you desire to develop your skills and knowledge in the field of taking pictures and shooting videos of wild animals.

Here’s to a great and fruitful career in Wildlife Photography In India. Cheers.

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