Nikon D5300

Product Name:Nikon D5300
Sensor Resolution:24.2 Megalpixels
Sensor Size:APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm)
Display Size:3.2 inches
ISO Range:Auto, 100 - 6400 (25600 with boost)
Continuous Shooting:5 FPS
Weight:480 grams
Optical Zoom:3x
Focal Length:18-55mm
Video Resolution:1080p_hd
Viewfinder Type:Optical (pentamirror)
Nikon D5300 (hover to zoom) (tap once to zoom, tap left, right, top, bottom to move image, tap outside of image to cancel)
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Nikon D5300 Digital SLR Review


Deciding on your first DSLR camera or upgrading to a better one can be an overwhelming experience.

Nikon and Canon are the prime contenders in the market and have several models in the budget range.

Most models of each brand are similar with a few upgrades.

As far as Nikon is concerned, the Nikon D5300 is the only real worthy upgrade amongst the whole lot.

The DSLR is significantly richer in terms of performance and features as compared to its predecessor, the Nikon D3300.

Nikon D5300 vs Nikon D3300

Advantages of the Nikon D5300 over D3300

  1. The Nikon D5300 has 39 autofocus points as compared to 11 in the D3300. This gives better tracking and useful in motion photography such as sports and wildlife.
  1. The Nikon D5300 has an articulating screen or a screen that can be tilted. This is great for selfies and clicking at awkward angles.
nikon d5200 review

Tiltable screen gives good flexibility

  1. The D5300 has an inbuilt HDR. This means that in one click, it takes multiple pictures at different exposures. You can then choose the best picture to keep.
  1. It has an anti-aliasing filter for sharper images.
  1. Start up delay of only 500ms as compared to 2000ms of the D3300.
  1. The Nikon D5300 has a better body design and is sturdier.

Advantages of the Nikon D3300 over D5300

  1. D3300 has better battery life. It gives 700 shots per battery charge while D5300 gives 600 shots.
  1. Cheaper.
  1. The D3300 has a larger viewfinder in comparison.
  1. It also has a better noise performance at higher ISOs.
  1. The Nikon D3300 is lighter and smaller in comparison.

Other Things To Consider About The D5300

Design and Build

  1. Lightweight and sturdy.
  1. Comfortable and easy to grip.

Image Quality

  1. Clear and sharp images are produced in moderate and good light conditions.
  1. Excellent detail, colour and contrast in images.
  1. Thanks to its extraordinary 24 megapixel APS-C sensor, JPEG quality is excellent.
nikon d5200 review

Clear and sharp images during day.


nikon d5200 review

Sharp pictures in lesser light conditions.


nikon d5200 review

Noise will be visible in low lighting conditions.

     Video Quality

  1. 1920 x 1080 videos at 60 fps which is great.
  1. Video quality is great in moderate and good light conditions.
  1. Smooth motion noticed when filming moving objects.

Agility and Speed

  1. The Nikon D5300 has an excellent autofocus and is very responsive.
  1. Continuous shooting is great helped by the large number of focus points.


The price difference between the Nikon D3300 and D5300 is justified.

If you are interested in high action sports and wildlife, the D5300 is worth the buy.

With its capabilities and features, you can easily use it as a beginner and continue as a slightly experienced photographer without the need to upgrade.

If you are not into serious photography and only want a camera for high quality pics of family events and holiday trips, the Nikon D3300 will be a better choice.

That does not mean the D3300 is not good for the enthusiast. It is but only not as good as the D5300.

Below is a summary of the review of the Nikon D5300 Digital SLR camera:

Nikon D5300 Digital SLR Camera










Noise Reduction



  • In built HDR
  • 39 Autofocus points for excellent motion photography
  • Sharp and clear images with accurate colors
  • GPS and Wifi
  • 3.2 inch articulating screen


  • Noise (graininess) in low lit conditions
  • No environment sealing
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