Canon EOS 80D

Product Name:Canon EOS 80D
Sensor Resolution:24.2 MP
Sensor Size:APS-C
Display Size:3 Inches
ISO Range:100-25600
Continuous Shooting:7 fps
Weight:730 g
Optical Zoom:-
Video Resolution:1920 x 1080
Viewfinder Type:Optical (pentaprism)
Canon EOS 80D (hover to zoom) (tap once to zoom, tap left, right, top, bottom to move image, tap outside of image to cancel)
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Canon EOS 80D is a worthy successor to the 70 D owing to the extended 45 point hybrid AF system.

It also sports the dual pixel on sensor phase detection AF system which makes it easier for you to take some great pictures.

We would today go into the highlights of Canon EOS 80D to help you make an informed decision.

Design and Build

The Good

  • The camera has plenty of control points which are economically placed and thus allowing you to control it quite easily.
  • The aluminum alloy body is entirely sealed to protect the camera from moisture and dust. This is a huge positive.
  • The touchscreen is adequately placed to be used in conjunction with the other controls.

The Not So Good

  • A clean HDMI output is not present.

Image Quality

The Good

  • The 45 AF point system is a huge improvement over the 19 AF point system in the predecessor.
  • The dynamic range is improved over the predecessor.
  • 7 FPS burst speed is superior as compared to the peers.
  • ISO implementation has been improved in this camera.

The Not So Good

  • The color is not as vibrant as 70 D.

Video Quality

The Good

  • The Canon EOS 80D provides consistent AF even during video capture.
  • The camera places the external microphone in the front which helps you in capturing better audio while shooting video.
  • Video quality is better as compared to the predecessor.

The Not So Good

  • The Canon EOS 80D does not support video tools like zebra stripes or C-log gamma option.

Agility and Speed

The Good

  • The burst speed adds to the operating speed and helps you capture multiple photographs.
  • The camera controls are pretty responsive without any lag.
  • The buffer limit of up to 95 shots in sequential low mode is a huge improvement.

The Not So Good

  • This camera does not support accurate subject tracking when shooting through the viewfinder. This can significantly slow down the camera.

Battery Life

The camera is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The LP-E6 battery can last for up to 960 shots. This is more than adequate when it comes to a normal traveling trip.

If you’re extensively shooting video, you can expect this to come down by around 15%.


If you are looking for a camera which is easy to use, Canon EOS 80D is one of the best options for you.

It is a great option if you’re looking to capture photos in order to improve your photographic skills.

However, if you’re looking to capture particularly video, it is not a good option as live subject tracking is not accurate.

Canon EOS 80D DSLR










Noise Reduction

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